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Archive 2004 - Schedule & Speaker Presentations - Thursday

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Thursday 2 December 2004
Time Track Presenter Session Title
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM Welcome Address John De Margheriti, founder of the Autralian Game Developers Conference
Official Opening Marsha Thomson, Victorian Minister for Information and Communication Technology
12:30 PM - 01:30 PM Keynote Jason Rubin, ex - President, Naughty Dog, Inc.
Fear: An Appropriate Response to the Business of Next Generation Game Development (2.2Mb)
01:35 PM - 02:35 PM Game Design David Gillespie, Producer, Auran Pty Ltd & Ed Orman, Lead Designer, Irrational Games Sequels and Licences: How to work with someone else's IP (127k)
Programming & Production Jonathan Zarge, ISV Engineer, ATI Research, Inc, USA Normal Map Compression with ATI 3DC (3.2Mb)
Platforms David Hewitt, Lead Designer, Tantalus Interactive Designing Games for Nintendo's Handheld Platforms: The transition from GBA to DS. (800k)
Business Matters John De Margheriti, CEO, Micro Forté -
Art Garth Midgley, Senior Artist, Atari Melbourne House Building Worlds For Big Robots: The Environment Art Processes Used on Transformers (PS2) (137k)
02:25 PM - 03:00 PM Afternoon tea
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM Game Design Ivan Beram, General Manager, Intrigue Entertainment The Technology Pipedream - A Development Fallacy (3.1Mb)
Programming & Production Anthony Oakden, Producer, Irrational Games Managing Risk in Computer Game Production (277k)
Platforms Randy Moulic , Research Staff Member and Senior Manager, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Super Computing "Cell" Converges Action Movies into Gaming Worlds (11.9Mb)
Business Matters Lee Jacobson, Vice President, Business Development, Midway Games, Inc. Pitching Prototypes and Getting a Deal: Focusing on What Matters
Art Christian Martinez, Senior Artist, Perception The Art of Texturing (15.8Mb)
04:05 PM - 05:05 PM Game Design Bill Roper, CEO, Flagship Studios Design Philisophies for the whole gamer
Programming & Production Andy Satterthwaite, Producer, Sidhe Interactive Dummies Guide to Game Production (1.4Mb)
Platforms Chris McCormick Developer/Director, Hypercube Gamboy Advance: Using Open Source Tools
Business Matters Robert Walsh, CEO, Krome Studios Crossing Mediums - The journey of TY the Tasmanian Tiger from Games to Film (6.3Mb)
Art Steve Gray, Senior Animator, Act3animation Characters...Rez-it Up!
05:10 PM - 06:10 PM PlayStation®2 Delegate Cocktail Party
Schedule is subject to change.

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