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Archive 2004 - Schedule & Speaker Presentations - Saturday

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Saturday 4 December 2004
Time Track Presenter Session Title
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM Game Design Matthew Ford, Producer, Auran Pty Ltd MMP Game Design Challenges and Solutions (200k)
Programming & Production Marc Atkin, AI Programmer, Irrational Games Scaling up to More Sophisticated AI Without Overburdening Developers - Lessons Learned (9.4Mb)
Platforms Michael Werle, Senior Engineer, Sony Computer Entertainment, Europe Introduction to PSP Networking
Business Matters Adam Lancman, Managing Director, Atari Melbourne House Surviving the Next Generation Console (207k)
Art Facilitor Matt Ditton - Krome Studios Art vs Artisan
Audio Stephan Schütze, Lead Audio Design, BlueTongue Audio Design within Game Design (172k)
10:00 AM - 10:25 AM Morning tea
10:25 AM - 11:25 AM Game Design Jason Hutchens, Lead AI, Team Bondi Pty Ltd Dynamic Dialogue, Interactive Drama and Sandbox Worlds (3.8Mb)
Programming & Production Chris Oat, Senior Software engineer, ATI Research Advanced Character Rendering (8.2Mb)
Platforms Suzie Cardwell, Director, 3RD sense Australia Big Opportunities for Little Games
Business Matters Ari Last, Regional Director - Asia & Oceania, Exent Technologies The Business Potential of Games-on-Demand Services (2.1Mb)
Art Matt Ditton, Lead Artist, Krome Studios Now We Know We Can, Lets Never Do That Again
Audio Scott Selfon, Audio Content Support Manager, Xbox Multichannel and 3D Technologies for Video Games
11:25 AM - 12:25 PM Keynote Martin Cooper, Team Bondi Pty Ltd Alternative Game Funding Models (52k)
12:25 PM - 01:25 PM Saturday Lunch
01:25 PM - 02:25 PM Game Design Robin Walker, Design Manager, Valve The Design and Production of Half-Life 2 (1.7Mb)
Programming & Production Facilitator Tony Albrecht, RatBag Games Panellists Robin Maddock & Karl Burdack, RatBag Games, Myles Abbott, Atari Melbourne House, Steve White, Torus Games & Mark Feldman, Tantalus Interactive Managing Programmers and Programming Managers
Platforms Martin Wells, CEO & Colin Pyle, Lead Artist, Tasman Studios Secrets of Mobile Game Development (236k)
Business Matters Grantley Day, PC Business Unit Director, Namco Hometek Inc Attracting a US Publishing Partner
Art Dan Miller, Teacher & Sebastian Perri, Senior Teacher, Academy of Interactive Entertainment Canberra Mental Ray, Reactor and Particles in Max
Audio Stephan Schütze, Lead Audio Design, BlueTongue Creating and Implementing Cross Platform Audio (1Mb)
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM Game Design Penny Sweetser, Researcher, University of Queensland Using Cellular Automa and Influence Maps in Games (142k)
Programming & Production David Pevreal, Programmer, Krome Studios Cross Platform Game Development Considerations (1.2Mb)
Platforms Simon Hayes, Chief Technology Officer, BigWorld Pty Ltd Using BigWorld Technology to create a MMOG in 1 Hour
Business Matters Judges Adam Lancman, Atari Melbourne House,
Lee Jacobson, Midway Games, Inc. USA and
Michael Deny, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, UK
Hynes Lawyers Pitching Competition
Art Facilitator Steve Stamatiadis, Krome Studio
Panellists Robert Walsh, Krome Studios, Graham Edelsten, Auran Pty Ltd and Thomas Schober, Act3animation
Outsourcing Art or Keeping it In-House?
Audio Scott Selfon, Audio Content Support Manager, Xbox Developing Next Generation Solutions for Audio Challenges
03:30 PM - 03:55 PM Afternoon Tea
03:55 PM - 04:55 PM Keynote Facilitator Steve Polak Freelance Journalist, Games-Technology-Online
Panellists Bill Roper, Flagship Studios, Jason Rubin, Naughty Dog, Adam Lancman, Atari Melbourne House and John De Margheriti, Micro Forté
The Challenges Ahead
04:55 PM - 05:30 PM Official Closing Ceremony
7:00PM - 11:30 PM On Course - Gala Awards Dinner
* Denotes Sponsored Session
Schedule is subject to change.

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