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International Keynote Speakers for the 2002 AGDC
20 Nov 02

Dr. Ray Muzyka
Joint CEO, Bioware Corp.

Dr. Ray Muzyka is the Joint CEO and Co-Executive Producer at BioWare Corp. He co-founded BioWare in 1995 with the other joint CEO at BioWare, Dr. Greg Zeschuk. Ray was the CO-Executive Producer on Baldur's Gate, Shattered Steel, MDK2, MDK2: Armageddon, Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, and Neverwinter Nights. Ray is currently CO-Executive producer on BioWare's upcoming project with LucasArts - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as well as the recently announced but unnamed BioWare original IP Xbox (to be published by Microsoft) and PC titles.

In addition to his development role, Ray also co-manages the financial, human resources, operations, and legal business side of BioWare, and has recently finished his executive MBA program at the Ivey School of Business, UWO. Ray is also a board member of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, Co-Chairman of the Business Committee of the International Game Developers' Association, and also serves as a Director and Cochairman of CodeBaby Corp., another software company developing a next generation interface for digital media and the Internet.

Ray will discuss the making of Neverwinter Nights - from concept to completion. He will share the challenges he faced through the six distinct phases of development including the change in publisher in the last six months of the project.

Lars Gustavsson
DICE, Sweden

Lars joined Refraction Games back in 1999 and started to work on the game Codename Eagle as an artist. After finalising that, and as Refraction Games merged into Digital Illusions CE, he started up their most recent title Battlefield 1942 where he went from being Lead Artist to Producer.'

Doug Church
Ion Storm

Doug Church has been in the game industry since 1990, when he joined then Blue Sky Productions (which became Looking Glass) on Ultima Underworld. Since then, he has worked on a variety of games, including Underworld, System Shock, and Thief, as a programmer, project leader, designer, and miscellaneous firefighter.

Recently he has consulted in Boston, Hong Kong, Texas, and California, on PC and Console Games. Occasionally he still even does real work.

AGDC 2005 Conference
1- 3 December 2005
Federation Square, Melbourne.

Conference Highlight Video
View our conference video here
6 Feb 2006

AGD Award Winners
Congratulations to all of the AGD Award Winners and finalists for 2005! Each recipient was presented with a copy of Visual Studio 2005 courtesy of AGD Awards sponsor Microsoft® DirectX®.
6 Dec 2005